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Real Results

2018-2019 School Year

Gaby SAT Score
Anthony SAT Score
Kaitlyn SAT Score
Ben SAT Score
Chris SAT Score
Emily SAT Score
Miguel SAT Score
Elisa SAT Score

Upcoming Test Prep Options

SAT Test Preparation Programs

(All Private Classes are 1 hour & 30 Mins) 

December 7, 2019 SAT
4 Week Private SAT Tutoring Course

October 2019 SAT

November 2019 SAT

December 2019 SAT

SAT Private Tutor at CENTER-  8 Private Classes  (Call/Email for  Price)

✔Professional Test-Prep Instructor will work closely with the student for 4 weeks to ensure success on their SAT Exam. The student will receive a personalized study plan according to their level of intensive, average or advanced and be supervised to complete it in the four-week course.

✔2 Saturday Morning Proctored Exams included.

Test Prep Instructor will go over all sections of the Exam with the student. Or the classes can also be modified for specific attention to what the students needs more help on.

Payment Plan is Optional

Goal is to review 4 College Board Exams and 2 Princeton Exams in the 4 weeks of tutoring!

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